A Patrol of Russian Troops Proceeds along the M-4 Highway in Hasakah

Over the past day, the artillery of Syrian militias fired on the positions of militants in the village Benin and Al-Barah in the south of Idlib. The troops also struck a Turkish observation post in the village of Shannan.

Meanwhile, another convoy of military equipment from the Turkish Armed Forces arrived in Idlib through the Kafr-Lusin border checkpoint. In addition, Turkish troops began to establish a new observation point in the vicinity of the settlement Muhambal in the west of the province.

It is reported that in the south of Idlib, in the area of the settlement Al-Fatirah, the militants managed to repel an attack by government forces.

Yesterday, the military police of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation patrolled the M4 highway north of Raqqa (Prov. Raqqa).

In the neighboring province of Hasakah, Kurdish forces, together with coalition forces, conducted an anti-terrorist operation in the area of the city of Ash- Shaddaday, as a result of which they liquidated the IS cell, arresting several terrorists.

30. 06. 2020, 03:03