Clashes between Kurds and Syrian National Army Take Place in Aleppo and Raqqa Provinces

It became known that clashes between the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Syrian National Army occurred on the Maranaz front in the north of Aleppo province. As a result, 6 Kurdish fighters died. It was also reported that fighting took place between the Kurds and the SNA in the vicinity of Tell Abyad in Raqqa governorate.

Several demonstrations took place in Daraa province. Demonstrators demanded the release of prisoners from government prisons and the withdrawal of Iranian forces from the region, and also condemned the security situation in the province.

It became known that a former member of the opposition forces, a fighter of the 5th corps of the Syrian Arab Army, was killed in his house in the province of Daraa.

The SDF have occupied the building of the General Directorate for Trade and Grain Production of Syria and the headquarters of the branch of the General Electricity Company in Hasakah governorate.

Residents of Golan Heights organized a protest against the Israeli plan to install wind generators on agricultural land (Quneitra gov.).

28. 06. 2020, 02:02