Rebels Fire at Pro-Government Headquarters in Hama

Militants of the National Front for the Liberation of Syria shelled pro-government militia headquarters in the Shahshbo mountains in northwestern Hama. As a result, several militia fighters were killed.

It was reported that a sniper of militants killed a Syrian soldier on the western front of Aleppo province.

The Qamishli residents protested against the presence of the US Armed Forces and the Turkish Armed Forces in Syria, as well as against the US sanctions package “the Caesar Act” (Hasakah gov.).

Over the past 24 hours, the militants of Tahrir Al Sham regained control of Idlib Central Prison.

The militants of the Tahrir Al Sham group opened fire with rubber bullets at participants in a demonstration in the Idlib city. The protesters demanded an end to the clashes between the Tahrir Al-Sham fighters and other factions.

27. 06. 2020, 01:01