International Coalition Conducts Operation in Deir Ezzor

The international coalition, together with the Syrian Democratic Forces, conducted an anti-terrorist operation in the town of Al-Busayrah in the province of Deir Ezzor. As a result, several IS terrorists were captured, two Iraqi citizens refused to surrender and made suicide bombing.

In the last 24 hours, several IS terrorists escaped from Al-Hawl Prison in eastern Hasakah.

Clashes between opposition fighters and the Syrian Arab Army occurred south of Idlib. It was reported that the SAA tried to advance towards Al-Ruwaiha.

An explosive device fired in a vehicle of the SAA in the Al-Rusafa area of southern Raqqa governorate. As a result, an officer and soldier of the SAA were killed.

It was reported that pro-Turkish militants carried out an unsuccessful attack on the positions of the SDF in the western part of Tell Abyad in the province of Raqqa. As a result, 15 pro-Turkish fighters died.

18. 05. 2020, 01:01