Clashes Between Syrian Forces and Militants Take Place in Idlib

Yesterday, fighters of the Syrian National Defense Forses and Iranian soldiers conducted an operation to search for IS cells in the Al-Badiya region west of Abu Kamal (Deir Ezzor province). As a result, the troops found a pickup truck of terrorists.

Meanwhile, the artillery of the Syrian militia fired on the positions of militants in the village Kansafrah, Al-Barah, Sfuhun and Al-Fatirah in the south of Idlib province, as well as in the Qulaydin in the northwest of the province of Hama. The enemy in response struck at Hazarin and the city of Kafr Nabl (Idlib Prov.).

Over the past day, in the province of Deir Ezzor, the troops of the «Democratic Forces of Syria» and the coalition arrested two IS terrorists in the village of Darnaj. To the north of the city of Al-Mayadin, unknown persons attacked government positions.

16. 05. 2020, 06:06