International Coalition Conducts Special Operation in Raqqa

The international coalition conducted a special operation in the west of Raqqa province, during which a landing was made from the air on the roof of one of the houses in the area of the settlement of Jarniya. According to preliminary information, one of the IS members was detained during the operation.

It was reported that mass demonstrations of civilians took place on the streets of Tafas. This was due to the fact that Iranian militias and units of the Syrian Arab Army arrived in local areas to storm settlements in the province of Daraa.

The SAA in turn launched a powerful offensive through the southwest front lines of Idlib. The government forces have targeted jihadist rebels in this mountainous region.

Unknown persons attacked a group of government soldiers in the area of a settlement Umm al-Mayadin in the east of Daraa province.

15. 05. 2020, 01:01