Turks Will Build a New Observation Post in Idlib

ISIS terrorists execute 8 kidnapped civilians in Deir Ezzor/almasdarnews

According to some reports, yesterday Turkish forces began to establish a new observation post in the vicinity of Jisr al-Shugur in the west of Idlib province. Also, another Turkish military convoy entered Idlib through the border crossing point Kafr Lusin.

Over the past day, the artillery of Syrian militias fired on the positions of militants in the village Kafr Taal east of the city of Al-Atarib (Aleppo Prov.), As well as in the village of Afis, Sfuhun and Al-Fatira, located in the east of Idlib province.

ISIS terrorists said they killed 8 civilians in the city of Al-Mayadin (Prov. Deir Ez-Zor), for whom they had previously expected to receive a ransom.almasdarnews

06. 04. 2020, 04:04