A Group of Unknowns Blew up a Turkish Column in Idlib

On the night of March 23-24, Russian air defense systems again repelled an attack by militants at the Khmeimim air base.
In the meantime, the Turkish military again fell victim to the destruction of a mine near the village of  Sfuhun in the southwest of the province Idlib. It is reported that as a result, one soldier was injured, and at least one armored car is damaged. Responsible for the attack could not be found.
Meanwhile, the artillery of the Syrian militias fired on the positions of the militants in the village Kafr Uwayd and Kansafra. The militants, in turn, destroyed the CAA bulldozer in the Saraqib area in the east of Idlib province.
Last night, about 150 trucks of the international coalition entered Iraq in the province of Hasakah. After that, the equipment went to its bases located in the territory controlled by the SDF.

25. 03. 2020, 04:04