Pro-Turkish Militants Cut Off Water Supply in Hasakah

According to Sputnik Arabic, pro-Turkish militants cut off water supplies to nearly a million Syrians in province of Hasakah.

The Turkish Armed Forces have begun to build three observation posts in Idlib province.

Large Landing Ship «Orsk» crossed the Bosporus Strait and headed to the Russian base in the Syrian governorate of Tartus.

Residents of Hamo refused to pass a convoy of US troops consisting of 4 pieces of equipment through their village in the province of Hasakah.

The opposition and the Syrian Arab Army exchanged prisoners in the province of As-Suwayda. The SAA, for its part, released the senior commander of the group after he was captured 2 months ago. The opposition, for their part, released 5 officers and 1 soldier of SAA, as well as 2 Hezbollah fighters.

24. 03. 2020, 01:01