Russian and Turkish Troops Continue to Patrol the M-4

Over the past day, Turkish troops patrolled a section of the M-4 highway from the village Tarnabah, located west of Sarakib, to n.a. Msibin, located in the vicinity of the city of Arikha in the province of Idlib. The same route, but in the territory of Hasakah province, the military police of the Russian Federation patrolled.
Meanwhile, Syrian army reinforcements arrived at government posts on the outskirts of the city of Ain Issa (Prov. Raqqa).
According to Syrian sources, coalition aviation attacked the positions of Iranian forces in the vicinity of the city of Abu Kemal.
It is reported that in the evening between the Turkish fighters and the fighters of the Afrin Liberation Forces, clashes occurred in the area of the settlement Basufan south of the city of Afrin (Aleppo Prov.).

21. 03. 2020, 04:04