Turkey Deploys New Military Base in Aleppo

The Turkish Armed Forces deployed a new military base in the vicinity of the village of Al Jinah in the west of Aleppo province.

According to SANA, the Turkish Armed Forces and their allied groups launched artillery attacks on a number of settlements north of Aleppo.

3 convoys of the Turkish Armed Forces arrived in the Idlib governorate through the border crossing of Kafr Lusin on the morning of March 19. The convoys contained a large number of MRLS and tanks. It was reported that one convoy was blown up in the village of Muhambal in the west of province. As a result, 2 Turkish soldiers died.

Opposition fighters managed to stop the Syrian Arab Army, which tried to break through at the front in the area of the Al-Bara village in the south of Idlib.

20. 03. 2020, 00:12