Syrian Troops Regain Control of the Territory in the Jabal Al-Zawiya Region

Over the past day, patrols of Russian and Turkish troops made a detour around the territory in the vicinity of the city of Kbanah in the northeast of Aleppo province.

Meanwhile, the Syrian army entered the territory around the city of Kafr Nabl (Prov. Idlib) as part of the implementation of the Moscow agreement.

After the rocket attack that occurred the day before, Iranian troops imposed a curfew in the city of Abu Kamal (Prov. Deir ez-Zor) and were temporarily prohibited from leaving the city and entering it.

In the evening, at a checkpoint near the city of Sarmada (Idlib Prov.), clashes occurred between Tahrir al-Sham militants and local residents. Several people were injured. Toward night, the militants launched an assault on Sarmada.

13. 03. 2020, 00:12