The Syrian Arab Army repelled the terrorist attack in al-Nayrab

Syrian Arab Army tanks / Sputnik

The Syrian Arab Army divisions foiled a number of a severe terrorist attacks aimed at the town of al-Nayrab which is located west to Saraqib city in the East of Idleb Governorate. The battle resulted in tens of killed and wounded terrorists in addition to the material damage.

According to the field report, the terrorists groups led by Jabhat al-Nusra and supported by the Turkish army started the attack from a number of directions using the armored vehicles and missile launchers that were made in Turkey.

The Syrian Arab Army units responded with the right tactical decisions that helped to destroy the terrorist vehicles and to kill a huge amount of them. By the end of the attacks the Syrian Arab Army held the control under the town of al-Nayrab.

23. 02. 2020, 01:01