The Syrian Arab Army liberated another village close to Aleppo – Idleb International Highway

Syrian Arab Army / Nile International

The Syrian Arab Army divisions resumed the operations against the terrorist groups that are located in the South-West of Aleppo Governorate by clearing the villages of Qanater, Kamara and Kafr Aleppo from the terrorists after causing heavy casualties among them in addition to the material damage.

According to the report, the liberation of the villages happened on the next day after the previous Syrian Arab Army advance when they cleared a number of settlements from the Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists.

The reporter also said that the Syrian Arab Army divisions launched heavy bombing aimed at the terrorists’ fortifications in Ma’arat al-Na’asan that led to the heavy losses among them in addition to the vehicles and strongholds destruction.

11. 02. 2020, 13:01