Terrorist guns were found in Damascus Governorate

The weapons found in Yalda town / SANA

The authorities from Damascus Governorate that were sent to scour the areas liberated from the terrorists found the numerous guns and ammunition (part of which was made in the US), in Yalda town close to the capital city of Damascus.

According to the local source, the authorities together with the civilians from the town found terrorist armory in the town of Yalda that is located south from Damascus. Among the found weapons were the rockets that are made in the US. The US-made rockets were wrapped in sheet metal because of the reluctance of the terrorists to make it possible to find using the radars.

The terrorist weapons, including those that made in the US, Israel and the Western World are regularly found in the province of Damascus since it was liberated from the terrorism in May 2018.

30. 01. 2020, 17:05