Syrian Arab Army advance in Idleb Governorate continues

The Syrian Arab Army in Idleb / Islamic Invitation

The Syrian Arab Army divisions have cleared from the terrorists more settlements in the province of Idleb as a result of severe clashes that killed and wounded a huge amount of terrorists besides destroying their transport and equipment.

As it was stated, the Syrian Arab Army units continue their offensive aimed at the terrorist positions in Idleb Governorate which have moved in Saraqeb direction after the army recaptured Ma’arat al-Nu’man city. The Syrian Army advance led to the severe clashes with terrorists in Khan al-Sobul and Khan Ma’ardibseh towns after the intensive missile bombing that destroyed the terrorist bases.

The battles against terrorists ended up with liberating Khan al-Sobul and Khan Ma’ardibseh settlements that are located on both sides of AleppoIdleb International Highway.

30. 01. 2020, 17:05