One civilian killed in the terrorist attack in Aleppo

Halab al-Jadida neighborhood of Aleppo / Facebook

One civilian was killed due to the terrorist missile attack aimed at the neighborhood of Halab al-Jadida and at the 3000 Apartments Project in the city of Aleppo.

According to the SANA reporter, the terrorist organizations that are dislocated in the West and in the South-West surroundings of Aleppo city launched the missile attack aimed at two neighborhoods of the city: 3000 Apartments Project and Halab al-Jadida.

As it was reported, the bombing led to one death among non-combatants and to the property damage.

The death caused by the terrorist missile attack became 11th in the last few days, 24 civilians were wounded. The bombing also led to the large property damage.

20. 01. 2020, 15:03