Syrian Arab Army recaptures 4 settlements in Idleb Governorate

25th Special Mission Forces Division / International Review

The Syrian Army reached its first success this year by recapturing four settlements in the South-East of Idleb, which were under the terrorist control.

Under the leadership of the 5th Corps and the 25th Special Mission Forces Division, the Syrian Arab Army started assaulting Abu Jarif town in the South-East of Ma’arat al-Nu’man.

The Syrian Army decided to assault Abu Jarif town after the Russian Air Force almost destroyed terrorist defenses during its air assault of the town.

The other towns recaptured by the Syrian Arab Army are Nawhiyah Gharbiyah, Nawhiyah Sharqiyah and Tal Khatrah. These settlements were cleared from the Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham terrorists.

The source from the Syrian Arab Army said that some of the terrorists were killed during the fights but most of them retreated from these settlements after their positions were attacked by the air forces and the artillery.