Russian Army sent the military convoy to the Qamishli Airport

Russian military convoy in Qamishli / al-Masdar

The Russian military convoy was sent to the Qamishli International Airpots located close to the Syrian-Turkish borderline in al-Hasakah province which is known as an important strategic base in the region.

As it was reported, the military convoy was also supported from the air by the helicopters while its drive along the M-4 International Highway.

The military convoy sent by the Russian Army involves 55 armed vehicles laden with a number of military and logistic hardware destined to support the Russian units dislocated at the Qamishli International Airport.

Russian military convoys are active since the moment when the US pulled its units back from the Syrian-Turkish borderline. Russian Army deployed the military posts in the numerous parts of al-Hasakah and Raqqa provinces.

Russian Army and Syrian Arab Army achieved the agreement on the Qamishli International Airport control division.

16. 01. 2020, 16:04