3 civilians killed and 3 more wounded in the city of Aleppo

Damaged building in Aleppo / Golan Times

Three civilians were killed, one adult and two children were wounded due to the terrorist missile attack aimed at the numerous neighborhoods in the city of Aleppo on Sunday.

According to a police source from the city, the terrorists dislocated in the suburbs on the West from Aleppo and in the North-West of Aleppo Governorate launched the city missile bombing aimed at such neighborhoods as al-Nile Street, al-Shahbaa al-Jadideh, Masaken al-Sabeel, al-Khaldiyeh and Tishreen Street.

The source also added that besides the property damage the attack claimed lives of three residents from these neighborhoods and three residents were wounded including two children.

13. 01. 2020, 15:03