Syrian Arab Army stops jihadist assaults in the South-East of Idleb Governorate

Syrian Arab Army air strikes in Ma’arat al-Nu’man / South Front

The Syrian Army divisions placed in the Ma’arat al-Nu’man area that was liberated from the jihadists prevented jihadists attack aimed at the army bases in Jirjanaz and al-Tehh town in the South-East of Idleb.

As it was stated by the SANA reporter, terrorist units used the weather conditions such as fog to start their attack on the military bases around al-Tehh and Jirjanaz towns which the Syrian Arab Army have taken last week inflicting heavy losses on them.

The reporter also said that terrorist equipment such as 2 car bombshells, numerous vehicles and missile launchers were destroyed by the Syrian Arab Army.

The Syrian Army divisions in turn launched the missile strikes targeted at the jihadist supply ways from Ma’arat al-Nu’man causing numerous deaths among the terrorists and the equipment damage.

As it was said by the reporter later, the Syrian Arab Army units were watching the jihadist units that were coming from Halban and Abu Dafnah settlements along the Abu Addohour-Sarakeb axis killing huge amounts of them.

05. 01. 2020, 14:02