The US killed 24 on the Syrian-Iraqi border

Syrian-Iraqi border / Yahoo

The number of deaths due to the US attacks on the Iraqi Kataib Hezbollah positions reached 24, said the source from Iraq.

The umbrella organization Hashd al-Shaabi leader Jawad Kadhim Al-Rabaiwi stated that 24 were killed and 51 were wounded due to the attack. He added that the number of deaths can increase because of the heavy wounds.

The US forces representative confirmed the “defensive strikes” into the Kataib Hezbollah positions on the both sides of the Syrian-Iraqi border. As it was stated, the airstrikes were the response to the missile attacks on the US coalition base in Iraq. Pentagon official Jonathan Hoffman said that 3 places in Iraq and 2 places in Syria were the aims.

30. 12. 2019, 15:03