Syrian Arab Army recaptures another settlement in the South-East of Idleb

Syrian Arab Army / Pinterest

A military source from the Syrian Army said that al-Barsah town was recaptured by the Army on Wednesday.

As it was said in the source’s information, the Syrian Arab Army recaptured al-Barsah town for the first time after the town was assaulted by terrorists during their heavy storm in the South-East of Idleb. The day after that, the Syrian Arab Army relocated its units to prepare for another attack.

The source also added that al-Barsah still is a frontline settlement for the reason that the Syrian Army was unable to move further.

The Syrian Army focuses on maintaining success instead of pushing into the South-East of Idleb due to bad weather conditions which prevent air forces of Russia and Syria to attack in the province.

27. 12. 2019, 17:05