3 more towns taken by the Syrian Arab Army in the Idleb province

Syrian Arab Army in Idleb / Ruptly

The Syrian Army achieved a big result in the South-East of Idleb province after its divisions continued storming the South-East of Ma’arat al-Nu’man.

The Syrian Army with the 25th Special Mission Forces Division started its storm in the morning by assaulting the last towns next to the terrorist base Jarjanaz in the South-East of Idleb.

As a result of a quick fight against the Hay’at at Tahrir al-Sham troops, the government forces captured Khirbat al-Mu’rata, Fa’loul and al-Hadithah towns.

While the Syrian Arab Army is securing these gains not to let the terrorists to recapture the settlements, the Russian Air Force is starting airstrikes over the Ma’arat Al-Nu’man District, most of which are targeted at the Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham bases.