200 Militants Attack Syrian Army in Idlib

The Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria reported that about 200 militants attacked the positions of the Syrian Arab Army in the area of the Umm Halahil and Zarzur settlements of Idlib province. As a result, 12 Syrian soldiers were injured.

The SAA in turn destroyed 3 tanks of militants during their attack near the city of Sinjar in southeast Idlib. As well as the Syrian Air Force fired on the positions of militants in the al-Tah, Tell Menes, Jisr al-Shughur and Abu Makkah settlements in the governorate of Idlib.

The Russian Aerospace Forces launched air strikes in the vicinity of the Al-Heraki and Saraqib settlements in the southeast of Idlib province.

According to unconfirmed SOHR data, the IS’ terrorists recaptured part of the territories in the desert area near the village of Al-Shula after bloody battles against the SAA in the province of Deir Ezzor.

According to local sources, clashes between the SAA and the IS terrorists occurred in the area of the Deir Ezzor – Palmyra highway. As a result, two government soldiers died.

The Turkish Armed Forces opened fire on four positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the vicinity of the town of Tell Tamer in the north of Hasakah province.