Hossam al-Din Ala calls to stop illegal work of some Red Crescent and Red Cross institutions in Syria

Red Cross and Red Crescent / Red Cross

Hossam al-Din Ala, who acts as a permanent representative of Syria to the UN in Geneva, is discontented by the illegal activities of a few members of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement on the Syrian Arab Republic soil.

Giving a speech during the 33rd Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement International Conference, Syrian Ambassador said that despite the fact that the fight against terrorism and international interference takes a lot of state’s resources, Syrian government still cooperates with organizations affiliated with the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in order to respond to the needs of the people of Syria.

He called those organizations to quit their illegitimate activities, pleading the breaching of the International humanitarian law in the matter of Israel’s actions on its occupied territories precluding Palestinian and Syrian humanitarian work. He also called the countries that support terrorist groups to respect the International humanitarian law and the UN resolutions regulating military activities.

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12. 12. 2019, 16:04