Confrontations between Syrian Army and armed groups started suddenly in Idlib bypassing the truce

Syrian Army in Idlib / Reuters/Sana

69 combatants, including at least 36 Syrian Army personnel, were killed in past two days since the fights in the last Syrian opposition’s stronghold had started over after violation of the agreement on a ceasefire which lasted for months.

Syrian Observatory of Human Rights head Rami Abdul Rahman calls the battles “the most violent” since the ceasefire agreement came to force 4 months ago. Locals had to move north seeking for shelter in addition to the large number of people who have already left the province earlier in 2019.

The Britain-based Observatory said that the attack conducted by the former al-Qaeda branch in Syria had initiated the clashes and then the Syrian Army together with the Russian Air Forces started an operation to recover the territory that had been lost previously. Sunday airstrikes led to the beginning of jihadists’ runaway for scores of kilometers from the battle line.

02. 12. 2019, 17:05