Militants Captured Several Settlements in the East of Idlib

Jihadist rebels score big advance in southeast Idlib after launching new offensive/almasdarnews

Last morning, militants launched a counterattack against the Syrian army in the east of Idlib. As a result, the government forces lost their settlement Istablat, Rasm al-Ward, As-Suruj and Ajjaz, several pieces of equipment and militias. Later, Syrian troops tried to regain control of Ajaz with the help of aircraft, but the militants repelled the attack.

Also, the militants once again repelled the attack in the area of the settlement Kbana (prov. Latakia) and in the area of the settlement Khawija (Prov. Hama).

Meanwhile, Russian and Turkish ground forces completed the 12th stage of joint patrolling of the Syrian-Turkish border in the north of Hasakah province.

01. 12. 2019, 02:02