Syrian Army Approaches Key Target in Southern Idlib

Palestinian-led forces advance against jihadists in southeast Idlib/almasdarnews

In an operation against the Tahrir al-Sham militants in the south of Idlib province, Syrian forces advanced north and took up positions only 20 km south of the next target, the strategic city of Maarat al-Numan. Over the past day, the Russian Aerospace Forces, the Syrian Air Force, as well as the artillery of the militias inflicted many attacks on enemy positions.

Yesterday, the Syrian Ministry of Defense claimed responsibility for yesterday’s air strikes in the northeast of Aleppo province, explaining that these actions were a response to smuggling and export of Syrian oil abroad.

Meanwhile, clashes between Turkish troops and fighters of the “Democratic Forces of Syria” occurred in the area of the village of Tel Al-Ward north of Tel Tamr (Hasakah Prov.).

As a result of the explosion, the military vehicle in the settlement Tel Khalaf southwest of Ras al Ain (Hasakah Prov.) At least 17 people were killed and about 20 were injured. The Turkish side blamed the terrorist attack on Kurdish fighters.

27. 11. 2019, 02:02