IG Terrorists Killed 13 SDF Soldiers

Syrian Army, SDF troops beat back Turkish-backed militants in northeast Syria/almasdarnews

Amak reported the killing of 13 SDF members and the destruction of 3 pieces of equipment as a result of an attack by IS militants in southern Raqqa. In turn, the anti-terrorist units of the SDF in Raqqa neutralized the sleeping cell of the ISIS. As a result of the operation, weapons and explosives were confiscated, and 6 terrorists were arrested.
The Russian Aerospace Forces launched multiple airstrikes in the provinces of Aleppo and Idlib.
Turkish Air Force aircraft attacked SDF positions in the Tell Tamr area in Hasakah province.
SAA launched an attack, using new tactics, on the Kobani front in Latakia province using night vision equipment. Reported casualties among government soldiers as a result of an attack by opposition groups on a settlement Kobani in Latakia province.
5 SAA soldiers were killed, several were injured as a result of mortar shelling at Tell Tamr in Hasakah province by Turkish troops.

10. 11. 2019, 02:02