Fights between Kurds and Turkish Forces Take Place in Raqqa

Fierce battles between the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Turkish forces took place 10 km south of the settlement of Ayn Issa in Raqqa province. The M4 highway was blocked due to these battles.

The SDF also liberated from pro-Turkish militants a village in the countryside of Tell Abyad in Raqqa province. As a result, 11 militants were eliminated.

The Russian Aerospace Forces launched multiple airstrikes on the positions of militants in Idlib governorate.

The Syrian Arab Army found a large amount of ammunition left by militants in the Damascus, Daraa and Hama provinces. It is claimed that among those found were American-made missiles.

Clashes between the militants and the SAA occurred in the Al Rashidin area in the western province of Aleppo.

Kurdish-affiliated Deir Ezzor local security officials have issued a decree banning the carrying of weapons and firing in areas controlled by the SDF.

It was reported that there was a mine explosion east of the provincial capital Deir Ezzor. As a result, soldier of the SAA died.

08. 11. 2019, 00:12