Russian and Turkish Troops Begin Patrolling the Border in Aleppo

Kobane residents pelt Turkish and Russian troops with stones/almasdarnews

Last morning, a patrol of Russian and Turkish troops marched along the Syrian-Turkish border in the northeast of Aleppo province. Residents of the villages through which the route passed threw stones at military equipment.

Meanwhile, units of the Syrian army arrived in the city of Al- Qamishly (Hasakah prov.), For the distribution of troops along the Syrian-Turkish border right up to Al-Malikiyah.

In clashes with Turkish troops and their allies east of the city of Ras al Ain (Hasakah Prov.), Kurdish fighters destroyed an enemy vehicle. In addition, the “Democratic Forces of Syria” threatened a large-scale operation against the militants if they did not leave the territory from Abu Rasayn to Tall Tamr.

Turkish President Rejep Erdogan, in turn, said that the operation of Turkish troops in the north of the Syrian Republic will continue until the Kurds leave Tel Rifat and its environs.

06. 11. 2019, 03:03