Russian Defense Ministry Announces the Withdrawal of Kurdish Troops from the Buffer Zone

Syrian Army involved in fiercest battle for strategic mountain town/almasdarnews

Last morning, clashes between pro-Turkish militants and Kurds, as well as Syrian troops, continued to arrive from the battlefield east and southeast of the city of Ras al Ain, Raqqa province. During the battles northwest of the city of Tel Tamr, militants of the Syrian National Army captured 18 Syrian militias. The information was confirmed by the Turkish Minister of Defense. In addition, Turkish allies established control over several settlements east of Ras al Ain.
Yesterday, the Russian defense minister said that units of the Kurdish troops were prematurely withdrawn from the security zone in northeast Syria. According to the Russian Center for Reconciliation, in October, 68 Kurdish self-defense detachments with a total of 34,000 people and more than three thousand weapons and military equipment were withdrawn from the territory.
In the evening, there were reports of an exchange of fire between Kurdish troops and Syrian militias stationed in the vicinity of the capital of the province of Deir ez-Zor. Later, coalition air forces allegedly launched an air strike on government artillery positions.

30. 10. 2019, 01:01