Coalition Forces Conducted Another Successful Operation Against the Islamic State

Large convoy of Syrian troops head to Hasakah-Turkish border to protect region/almasdarnews

Last morning, Syrian troops entered and raised SAR flags in several border towns and cities in the north of Hasakah province, as well as in the city of Tel Tamr.
Meanwhile, Syrian National Army militants have occupied 24 villages in the area of ​​Tel Abyad and Ain Issa in the province of Raqqa, as well as several settlements located along the demarcation line east of Ras al Ain.
The Kurds accused Turkey and their allies of violating the ceasefire agreement, saying that the enemy’s troops are still shelling the positions of Kurdish forces in the cities of Kobani (Aleppo province), Tel Tamr and Ras al Ain (Hasakah province), including using drones. In addition, it is reported that the militants of the Syrian National Army violated the ceasefire by attacking SAA positions north of Tel Tamra.

In the evening, coalition forces carried out a landing operation in the area of the town of Gerablus (Aleppo province), as a result of which they captured several Iraqis allegedly associated with ISIS.

29. 10. 2019, 03:03