Clashes between pro-Turkish Militants and Manbij Military Council Resume in Aleppo

Strong clashes resumed between the pro-Turkish militants and the Manbij Military Council northwest of the city of Manbij in the province of Aleppo.

The Syrian Democratic Forces Commander General Mazlum Abdi praised the Trump administration’s efforts to cease fire in Syria.

The SDF called on the United Nations, the UN Security Council, the League of Arab States and the US to immediately send international observers to northern Syria to keep the interim ceasefire agreement and make it permanent. The Kurds also accused Turkey of committing genocide.

The Turkish army began work on establishing bases in the border areas east of the Euphrates.

The Syrian Arab Army destroys two drones launched by militants in the city of Kobani in Latakia governorate.

The SDF regained control of Highway 23 at the Turkish-Syrian border and a number of captured villages in Hasakah province.

20. 10. 2019, 00:12