Turkey Expects US Withdrawal to Launch Operation against Kurds

Yesterday, the White House press service said the United States was beginning to withdraw its troops from the territories controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces in the north of the Syrian Republic. Turkey took this step as a signal for action and began to transfer its troops to the border with Syria. Some units have already entered the militant-occupied city of Jarabulus in the province of Aleppo. The US threatened to impose sanctions against Turkey and suspend its membership in NATO if they attack the Kurds.

Meanwhile, residents of the northern part of Raqqa province began to leave their homes, and Syrian and Russian troops planned to settle down in the city of Manbij in Aleppo governorate. The pro-Turkish militants, however, said they would not allow this and would enter the city first.

In the evening, the Turkish Air Force began to launch the first airstrikes on the Kurdish positions in the northeast of Hasakah province.

08. 10. 2019, 02:02