Russian Aircraft Once Again Attacked Militants in Latakia Province

Turkish-backed militants clashes with former Ghouta rebels in Syria’s Afrin/almasdarnews

Over the past day, the Russian Aerospace Forces have inflicted several airstrikes on the positions of militants in the Kbana in the northeast of Latakia province.

Meanwhile, Syrian militias fired on militants in the city of Kafr Nabeul, as well as in the village of Nepal. Hazarin, Rakaya, and Jarajanaz located in the south of Idlib province.

Yesterday, the command of the Kurdish forces announced the successful completion of a long operation to eliminate a senior IS a terrorist named Abu Harit Al-Iraqi.

In the evening, Turkish artillery again fired on the positions of the Kurds in the settlement Harbul southeast of Tel Rifat.

11. 09. 2019, 05:05