Syrian Troops Ready to Resume Operation in Northwest Syria

Idlib ceasefire is set to end as Syrian troops gather in Al-Ghaab for new offensive/almasdarnews

Last day, clashes between pro-Turkish militants and Kurds flared up again on the front line in the vicinity of Tel Rifat (Aleppo province). Kurdish troops fired at enemy positions, to which Turkish artillery also responded with oncoming fire. It is reported that a large convoy of the National Defense Forces troops arrived in this region to support the Kurds.

Meanwhile, the Syrian army shot down 3 drones with which militants tried to attack government positions in the north-west of Hama province. Here, the SAA has amassed enough troops to resume operations against the militants. The offensive is scheduled for Sunday morning, at the time the agreement on the temporary ceasefire ends.

In the south of Idlib province, Syrian militias fired on militant positions in the village Marat Hurma and Kafr Sajnah.

08. 09. 2019, 04:04