Syrian Troops Liberated Another Point in Hama from Militants

Syrian Army scores first advance in northern Hama after fierce battle/almasdarnews

After the Syrian command abolished the ceasefire, Russian aviation continued to bombard militant positions. Yesterday, the Russian Aerospace Forces attacked the enemy in the village Kbana (prov. Latakia), Sirmaniyah (prov. Idlib), damaging the defense fortifications of Turkestan Islamic Party and Tahrir Al-Sham. In addition, aviation inflicted several attacks on HTS militants in the city of Khan Sheikhun (Idlib Province).

Meanwhile, the US Secretary of Defense said Washington would not allow Turkish troops to operate in the north of the Syrian Republic, but President Rajep Erdogan replied that Turkey “cannot feel safe until it neutralizes the growing threat.”

In the evening, the Syrian troops launched an assault on the settlement Arbain, located in the north of the province of Hama. The first offensive, however, was repelled by militants. On the second attempt, government forces managed to completely free the city. The next SAA plans to release the neighboring village Az-Zak

07. 08. 2019, 04:04