Russian and Syrian Aircraft Continue to Attack Militants in Northwest Syria

Syrian and Russian forces holding talks about new offensive in Idlib/almasdarnews

Over the past day, the Russian Space Forces and the Syrian Air Force launched a series of air strikes against the positions of the Tahrir al-Sham and Jaish al-Izz groups in the cities of Khan Sheikhoun, Al-Habit (Idlib), Al-Latamin and Kafr Zita (prov. Hama).

Meanwhile, Syrian helicopters attacked the militants in the area of ​​the settlement. Qbana in the northeast province of Latakia.


Sources say that at the moment the Syrian ground forces are not planning to resume a large-scale operation in the north-west of the Syrian Republic due to ongoing negotiations between Russia and Turkey on the situation in the region.

Nevertheless, the militants continue to attack government positions. Yesterday, opposition sources reported the destruction of two m / s Syrian militias in the area of ​​n. Al-Hamamiyat (Prov. Hama).

05. 07. 2019, 04:04