Terrorists Kill Several Soldiers of Syrian Army in East of Deir Ezzor

The IS’ terrorists attacked the position of the Syrian Arab Army in the area of the settlement of Al-Quriyah in the east of the province of Deir Ezzor. As a result, several government soldiers died.

The Turkish army fired on the positions of YPG in the Tell Rifaat, Maranaz, Al-Malikiyah and Tanab settlements in Aleppo province. Turkish forces were able to take the position of YPG in Tell Rifaat after shelling.

The Hamza Division repelled an attempt of the SAA to penetrate west of the city of Al Bab in Aleppo province.

The rebels shelled from Grad missiles the government positions in the west of Hama governorate.

At least 200 bodies were found in a mass grave near the town of Raqqa. Several people were buried in orange overalls, which were usually dressed hostage of the IS. It is assumed that these people were executed by terrorists.

04. 07. 2019, 02:02