Syrian Army Advances in Northwestern Hama after Relaunching Offensive

The Syrian Arab Army relaunched their offensive in northwestern Hama after having their first assault repelled by the rebels.

It is reported that as a result of the unsuccessful breakthrough of the Syrian Arab Army at the Tal Malah and al-Jibeen fronts in the north of the province, several soldiers in the ranks of government forces were wounded and killed.
The militants of Al Fath Al Mubine also destroyed the BMP of government forces as they attempted to advance to the al-Jibeen front in the province of Hama.

The Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian Air Force struck at the al-Habit and Maarat Hurmah settlements in the province of Idlib.

Yesterday, the government forces discovered the command post of IS’ terrorists with a weapons cache in the province of Deir Ezzor.

There was an explosion of an IED stuffed car in the city of Afrin in the province of Aleppo. The explosion killed the commander of the pro-Turkish Kurdistan Freedom Hawks and several fighters.

20. 06. 2019, 20:08