The Syrian Arab Army Launched a Powerful Offensive in Northwestern Hama

Syrian Army suffers heavy casualties in failed offensive in northwestern Hama/almasdarnews

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched a powerful offensive in northwestern Hama on Saturday that targeted the strategic hilltop of Tal Malah and the nearby town of Jibeen. At the start of the offensive, the Syrian Arab Army was able to score a swift advance at Tal Malah after the Russian and Syrian air forces hammered the hilltop with relentless airstrikes.

According to a field source, at least five soldiers were captured during the attack and 17 soldiers were killed. Another 15 soldiers were also wounded, the source added.

Aerial bombardment in Deir-Snabel in the southern part of Idlib killed a woman and another was injured. Assault forces fired on the artillery of the Zahra group west of Aleppo. Combat aircraft launched several air strikes against the villages of Jabal az-Zawiyya, Ahsim, Khayesh, Tirmala and Khan-Sheikhun in the southern part of Idlib.

The village of Safohan, to the south of Idlib, was shelled by the artillery of the Pro-Assad forces. The assault forces fired at the city of Maarat Hurma in Idlib with rocket launchers.

16. 06. 2019, 02:02