Russia and Syria Warplanes Attack Positions of Militants in Aleppo

The Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian Air Force launched several air strikes against the positions of militants in the south of Aleppo province.

The International Coalition and the Syrian Democratic Forces disabled several oil refineries located near the Euphrates River in the east of Deir Ezzor governorate.

The IS’ terrorists claimed that they killed 17 soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army in the east of the town of Al-Sukhnah in the province of Homs.

The SAA fired from incendiary ammunition the area Tarmala in the south of the province of Idlib.

The SAA also attacked the positions of militants in the Kafr Zita area in the north of the province of Hama. As a result, there was a fire on agricultural land.

As a result of the bombing of the village of Ziyadiya to the south of the countryside of Jisr al-Shughur in the west of Idlib province, 3 people were killed and 6 were injured.

02. 06. 2019, 01:01