Syrian Troops Liberated Area West of Kafr Nabudah

Jihadist rebels retake territory lost to Syrian Army in southern Idlib/almasdarnews

Yesterday morning, the CAA artillery, with the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian Air Force, attacked the positions of the Tahrir ash-Sham and Turkestan Islamic Party militants in the villages. Kabani and its surroundings in the north of the province of Latakia. In response, the militants fired at government positions, killing about 15-20 soldiers.

Over the past day, Syrian troops freed Tahrir al-Sham and the National Liberation Front from the militants. Al-Tobey, Sheikh Idris, Tal Hawash and Jabriyah (Hama province), as a result defending the city of Kafr Nabudah from the left side.

Militants, in turn, captured Al-Hamamiyat to the west of the city of Kafr Zita, as well as the settlement of Jubbayn Later, the CAA regained control of the points, destroying the enemy tank and infantry fighting vehicles.

14. 05. 2019, 03:03