Militants Shelled the City of Aleppo for the Second time in a Week

Turkish Army attacks Kurdish forces in northern Aleppo/almasdarnews


Last morning in the sky over the southwestern part of the province of Aleppo were reconnaissance Air Force Turkey. Meanwhile, Turkish army artillery bombarded positions of Kurdish troops in the area of ​​the city of Tall Rifat, as well as to the north of it. It is reported that CAA troops also came under fire.

Yesterday, 95 trucks with military equipment of the coalition arrived in the town of Kamyshly in the northern province of Hasakah. Later, the columns went to Al-Shaddadi and n. Kobani (Prov. Aleppo). It is reported that since the announcement of the victory over the IS terrorists, about 760 coalition trucks have entered Syria.

The fighters of the Tahrir ash-Sham group, in turn, again fired at residential areas of the city of Aleppo (Aleppo Province), damaging several buildings. The number of victims, however, is unknown.


16. 04. 2019, 01:01