Israeli Air Force allegedly Attacked Government Positions in Aleppo

Syrian military says Israel is behind attack on Aleppo, several more sites targeted/almasdarnews

Yesterday, Kurdish fighters began preparations for a military parade on the occasion of the victory over the IS. Nevertheless, the units of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” continue to find terrorists from sleeping cells on the east bank of the Euphrates. Over the past day, the Syrian army and its allies continued to attack militant positions in the cities of Al-Latamin, Kafr Zita and their suburbs in the north of the province of Hama, as well as in some villages. in the south of Idlib province. In the evening, explosions were heard near the city of Aleppo. SANA reported that the explosions were caused by Israeli air strikes on the Nayrab air base and the Shaykh Najar industrial area. According to the statement, several missiles were intercepted by Syrian air defense systems, and the capital of the province of Aleppo was de-energized.

28. 03. 2019, 01:01