Terrorists Losing in Fight Against Kurds and Trying to Move to West Coast of Euphrates

Over the past day, Kurdish fighters, with the support of the coalition air force, freed an area of ​​about 2 km2 in the south of Deir Ezzor from terrorists. In addition, the troops of the «Syrian Democratic Forces» managed to evacuate 200 residents from the besieged city of Al-Baguz.

The terrorists themselves are trying to fend off the Kurds with the help of SVBIED. In addition, the IS accomplices once again crossed the Euphrates River and attacked government positions in the city of Abu Kamal and its surroundings.

In the meantime, the Tahrir ash-Sham militants fired at the SAA positions in the village Asila to the west of the city of Hama (prov. Hama). In response, Syrian artillery opened fire on enemy targets in the north of Hama province and the south of Idlib province.

10. 02. 2019, 23:11