Militants Preparing to Fight in North-West of Aleppo

On Tuesday, the Syrian army continued intensive shelling of militants positions in the south of Idlib and in the north of Hama. In particular, artillery struck several enemy targets in the cities of Khan Sheikhun, Maarat al-Numan (prov. Idlib), Kafr Zita and Al Latamin (prov. Hama). In response, the militants fired at the SAA in the village Atshan, located in the north of the province of Hama.

Meanwhile, another convoy with military equipment of government troops arrived at Abu ed Dukhur (prov. Idlib).

In the west of Aleppo province, on the front line between the positions of the pro-Turkish militants and the Tahrir ash-Sham group, the roads were blocked due to the expected clashes between the parties.

Last morning, a suicide bomber activated a belt filled with explosives, undermining the building of the Syrian Salvation Government building in the city of Idlib (prov.  Idlib). It is reported that at least one person died, several were injured. Militants “Tahrir ash-Sham” accused the Islamic State in terrorist attack.

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30. 01. 2019, 01:01