Militants are leaving Eastern Ghouta, Russian specialists are helping to separate radical militants who are trying to go out with civilians

The militants of Islamist groups continue to leave Eastern Ghouta in accordance with an agreement with the Syrian government. The radicals have yet evacuated from Harasta, and now they are leaving the settlements and suburbs of the southern enclave: Irbeen, Zamalka, Khazza, Jobar, Ain Tarma and so on.

At this stage, the key task is to sort the militants – it is necessary to separate those who has not commit serious crimes against the population and is now ready to regulate his legal status with the Syrian government, from those who belong to the terrorists of “Jabhat an-Nusra” and remains committed to the ideology of radical Islam. The greater part of those who does not want to return to a peaceful life will be deported to Idlib province. In addition, it is necessary to conduct interrogations and separate from the bulk those militants who were against their will drawn into illegal groups and who now really want to return to their previous normal lives.

The units of the Syrian Arab Army, with the participation of Russian specialists, were assigned to carry out this difficult task. Eyewitnesses say that the flow of refugees interspersed with militants was controlled by people in military uniform, many of them speak Russian to each other.

The Syrian army has been conducting a successful operation against militant groups in Eastern Ghouta since February. The enclave, which has been existing near the capital almost since the very beginning of the armed conflict, was split into three sections. Two of them have surrendered, decided to reach an agreement with authorities. The only area of resistance in Eastern Ghouta at the moment is the town of Douma and its suburbs.

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27. 03. 2018, 12:12